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Stupid girl. [Aug. 17th, 2005|04:02 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]

My friend Leland had a party the other day because he is moving to Michigan...
I saw Anell, who I haven't seen in awhile, that was nice.


I saw Missy, and of course, Caleb was there cuz they are attached at the hip. And apparently, they are together again. I love Missy and think she's a great person, but...*cough* don'tbestupid *coughs*
So she comes over and says Hi, but is a sorta weird way...and he acted like I wasn't there, which is totally fine with me because we have nothing to say to each other anyway. Then a bonfire was started, and eventually Jen and I ventured down there, even though I felt weird about it. Missy went to the bathroom or something, and then I saw Caleb headed down toward the river with some nasty chick!! I seriously was like...W..T...F!!
Missy came back, and immediately asked me "Where's Caleb??" and I pointed, and she was like "With (insert chick's name)?" and I nodded...and she instantly plopped down in her chair and looked all depressed. I literally couldn't do anything but shake my head. She started talking to Anell, and Missy said "I love him to death but I can't trust him at all." Wow...WAY TO GO!!! *claps* Then Anell said "Don't worry Caleb is a nice guy"

Well yeah, for the most part he is...as long as you don't date him.

Side note: Missy ended up going down to the river by the chick and Caleb..and those two came back up first, then the chick came out braggin about how she kissed him. Heh. Not surprising.

I try not to hang around Missy much anymore, cuz everytime I do, I get angry and/or frustrated. When I first met her, she had soo much to talk about, and soo much insight into things....now...ALL she talks about is HIM. "Caleb did this, Caleb did that, Me and Caleb blah blah" I am tempted to just shake her for awhile until her head is no longer clogged with infatuation. I want to yell "HE CHEATED ON YOU AT LEAST TWICE, THAT YOU KNOW OF. WAKE THE FUCK UP WOMAN!!!" I don't get it. I would never put up with that cheating shit. But that's just me I guess.

I was gonna type about something else, but now I am too frustrated again. Grrr.

Now I remember!!

Duh, boys...

There has been weirdness with boys lately. Suddenly, in like, the past 2 weeks, whenever I go to Grumpy's in Coon Rapids, some boy hits on me. It's really weird. The weird part is that...they aren't ugly or nasty at all!! They are the boys I always see there, but the type that I think would never talk to me. Lately every one of those boys has come up to me and said "I've always noticed everytime you are here, but I just never said anything." Everytime I've heard one of them say it, I had to fight the urge to look around to make sure they were talking to me. Then they buy my drinks and pay for the Video Crack. One of the boys, named Tony, asked me to go see Batman with him on Saturday. After I said yes I looked at Jen and she wiggled her eyebrows at me. LOL dork.

Ok that's all...my arms hurt from typing.



[User Picture]From: dandilyon74
2005-08-17 10:14 pm (UTC)
Some girls never do learn. and um thanks for your.....attemted heart. damn lj the heart nazi's. anywho love you long time and miss you too. Oh and enjoy your "movie" tee hee.
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